NZFuture Community Trust has a goal to secure a sustainable and integrated future for New Zealand’s diverse communities.

We intend to start work with the ethnic communities in Auckland and provide support for initiatives and events that contribute to wellness of these communities and to people within these diverse communities. We hope that our initiatives will bring a better understanding of the diversity and champion projects that celebrate this diversity, while brining a better understanding, communication and integration between the ethnic communities and mainstream New Zealand.

At the outset, we are looking at initiatives to involve and support people from the Chinese, Thai, Maori. Philippino and Indian communities, among others over time.  These can be expanded to include a wider circle of the diverse communities in Auckland as the NZFuture Community Trust establishes itself as a credible organisation, geared up to provide unique initiatives to help support and celebrate the diversity in Auckland.

We see our approach as a twin pronged one for growth and integration.

Where NZFuture Community Trust supports the diverse communities, and also brings other communities together to help grow and integrate the many diverse peoples in Auckland.

In Summary:

This Trust has been established for the charitable purpose of developing early childhood education, improving physical and mental public health, providing care for the elderly, and assisting new immigrants to New Zealand by providing assistance in areas including, without limitation:

  • Education, including developing, improving, and assisting early childhood education for international and domestic students;
  • Public health, including advice, services, and the provision of equipment to improve physical and mental health;
  • Relieving poverty, including advice, services and the provision of equipment to improve the care offered to the elderly;
    • Immigration support;
    • Counselling services;
    • Health information;
    • Mediation for family conflicts;
    • Visitation;
    • Creating social networks; and
  • Relieving poverty through access to advice, support and assistance, to recent immigrants to New Zealand, without limitation:
  • Providing assistance and support for other family members who provide care for such persons.
  • Guidance services aimed at enabling new immigrants to settle faster and take up their responsibilities as part of the New Zealand society and so eliminate the possibility of new immigrant families being dependent on government social assistance;
  • Integration into New Zealand;
  • The promotion, planning, organising and running of non-profit events that celebrate or concern Asian and South Asian culture and arts (non-profit community cultural festivals and/or arts festivals);
  • Education and cultural awareness via support for non-profit radio stations;
  • Education and cultural awareness via support for non-profit museums and art galleries;
  • The provision of advice, assistance and information about Asian and South Asian cultures; and
  • The provision of other services that are considered to be charitable under New Zealand law.

Moving forward NZFuture Community Trust is taking the following approach to incorporate the above discussion.
NZFuture Communities Trust plans for the medium and long term

As a community trust, with an eye on the future – there are some specific areas where a difference can be made. Our research shows that critical areas will be providing initiatives that address a combination of following activities and demographics:

  • community activities,
  • education and support for children and youth
  • aged support and care

Elderly care:

With a rapidly aging population, it will be important to provide care and support for the aged. We will look for ways to best support older people in a wider community who are vulnerable or need it.
Early childhood & youth – support & education services:

Critical focus will be put on providing support and services to the young, as they will form the future of our society. We will consult with experts to organize activities that focus on children, help and educate them so that they can deal effectively and constructively with family, school and community or learning environments.

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