Personal Security Seminar

This is an intensive, dynamic hostile environment or situation awareness training seminar where you will discuss, learn and apply approaches and measures to improve your personal security when living and working in insecure environments.

OUTCOMES: By the end of the course you will be able to:

Explain the importance of understanding your role and the security environment

Undertake a context analysis and a personal risk assessment

Demonstrate immediate responses to hostile environments

Effectively contribute to a security planning process

Describe measures to reduce personal vulnerability to a range of threats

Explain the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity, team working, interpersonal communications and how diversity impacts on security

Demonstrate immediate responses to threats in the operating environment

This seminar was held in Kelston Community Centre on 10th Feb from 5pm – 8pm organised by NZFuture Community Trust together with Milestone Foundation.
*drink and snack were also provided 🙂



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