Digital Marketing Workshop

• For Businesses – Digital Marketing will help businesses to diversify and thrive in the post Covid19 world. (It will depend on being digitally literate, and being able to trade online as well in the bricks-and- mortar establishments).
• Business owners and entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to be able to run their business from home or practically anywhere in the world.
• Help local business to expand their brand, at affordable costs
• The courses will support local businesses to increase sales from a segment of the economy that cannot be ignored anymore. Social and online marketing are critical to business success in today’s uncertain world.
• Business can run smoothly even during covid lockdowns / pandemic.
• There are cost savings in going online and can help a business to weather the economic downturn.
• For any one who has already working on digital platform , they can also come and learn how to improve the marketing content to fit with their target market

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