English Pronunciation Skills

The NZFuture Community Trust provides a unique opportunity to take classes in our facilities and explore lifelong learning courses. Our courses are available to everyone.

This is a basic English course that can help learners improve their English skills for working and living in New Zealand. Learn new words, kiwi phrases, grammar and how to form simple sentences. Make the learner’s pronunciation clearer. Lots of oral practice. In a friendly and interesting classroom, the learners’ oral skills will make you more confident.

Our Goal:

  • Increase community participation.
  • Meet the needs of the community.
  • Provide an opportunity to try something new without expense.
  • Offer a way to meet other people with similar interests while you learn together.
  • Update skills for people returning to the workforce.
  • Give people the confidence to go on to more formal learning.

To find out more about our courses please contact us.

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