NZ Future Community trust is delighted to be asked to be involved in and support a seminal yearly event in the Indian Community. The Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame Awards have been going for 7 years and recognises contributions to the community and NZ at large by members of the Indian Community in NZ.

While the awards recognise people from all walks of life NZFUTURE is keen to support and highlight the award for Community Service Excellence, in particular.

• This event is recognised in the community as an established and credible event, and therefore the awards act as a fulcrum for bringing the community together and encourages others to be nominated by members of the public.
• The profile raised by the awards helps to create awareness and connectivity between the NZ Indian Community and other communities, including ethnic and mainstream.
• The event recognizes true pioneers and community members whose efforts have contributed to the betterment of the community and NZ society at large.
• The winners are role models in the community whose contributions are seen as something to be recognized and emulate for others.
• The winners represent leaders in the community who are often silent but have worked tirelessly towards creating change and improvements in the community / society.

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