Senior Well – Being

Senior Day Out

Seniors Day Out (SDO) activity and excursions provide an opportunity for seniors to stay active, see new places and to meet and socialize with others of a similar age and interests. Regular outings for seniors – provides a practical solution that keeps them vital and feeling healthier, through social interaction and physical activities. It improves their quality of life and …


Personal Security Seminar

This is an intensive, dynamic hostile environment or situation awareness training seminar where you will discuss, learn and apply approaches and measures to improve your personal security when living and working in insecure environments. OUTCOMES: By the end of the course you will be able to: Explain the importance of understanding your role and the security environment Undertake a context …



Our Senior day out at Western Spring Lake , Muriwai πŸ–& Strawberry πŸ“ pick up on January 17, 2019.   We hope you had a good time with our free senior day out. Our purpose of this project is to bring elder out from routine/ boredom , doing out door activities for both mental & physical health and socialise with …


Senior day out 5/12/18 ; Blue Spring. We arrange senior day out trip mainly to encourage senior citizen to come out from home or boredom to enjoy life and outdoor activities. Spending time with people about the same age either from same or different communites and sharing life experiences is time well spend πŸ™‚ Videos Photographs


2018 Oct 20 Folk and Sufi Concert

Arif Lohar (Pakistan) and Kanwar Grewal (India), two of the finest exponents of Sufi and Punjabi folk music, LIVE in Concert at Auckland’s Vodafone Events Center. Saturday, October 20th, 7PM Onwards. BEHIND THE SCENES: Folk and Sufi Concert in Auckland Mix and Mingle Party Live Videos